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Privacy Notice and GDPR policy

Your data - clients:


We need to keep some of our clients' personal data on file in order to do our work as agents:

to arrange jobs and auditions, to negotiate contracts, to apply for performance licences, and to administer possible residual payments in the future.


This section explains what data we store, how we store it, and what we do with it after representation with the agency comes to an end.


We keep on file the data that our clients add to Tagmin (phone numbers, email addresses,

home addresses, dates of birth, bank details), as well as copies of documents required for performance licensing; namely signed medical declarations, birth certificates, scans of passports (both children and parents, if they are required to travel abroad) and passport sized photos.

Electronic copies are stored securely on remote encrypted servers, while hard copies are kept locked away.


We only share data with verified individuals who require it, namely production co-ordinators who are arranging call-sheets, transport and accomodation, casting directors and legal departments who are drawing up contracts and agreements, and education authorities who are processing performance licences.


When your representation comes to an end, we will shred all paper documents within seven working days, except for copies of contracts, which we will need for potential future payments, and your signed agency agreement.


We will also delete electronic copies of all documents within seven working days, except scanned contracts, granted performance licences, and the contact details and bank details which you have added to Tagmin. We require these on an ongoing basis, as we need to be able to collect future earnings, and pass these on to you.


We may also keep copies of previous Spotlight photos, press cuttings and similar, for the school’s archive, unless you request otherwise.


Your data - agency applicants:


When prospective clients send us their applications for consideration, we have to keep this data on file while we decide whether or not we can offer representation. This data typically comprises photographs, home and e-mail addresses, dates of birth and sometimes video clips.


We will hold on to this data until:


a) we have either contacted applicants to say we are unable to bring them in to auditon,

b) we have auditioned them and told them that we will not be offering representation this time,

c) we have offered representation, but one month has elapsed since making our offer, and signed registration forms have not been returned to us.


We will then delete this data, and shred any physical documents we may have received.

We regret that we cannot hold any data on applicants who do not subsequentally sign to our books, as we have no legitimate need for it. For this reason prospective clients must include all the required information each time they apply for an agency audition.


Sharing data - production companies:


We are compliant with GDPR, and require third parties to confirm that they are also GDPR compliant before we can share any personal data with them. We will only ever share information which is essential for engaging a client on a specfic production, and we expect this data to be securely deleted as soon as it is no longer required. Although most companies we deal with on a regular basis will have a corporate GDPR policy, we will need to verify compliance before we can share any data with new contacts, or with production contacts who are not using corporate e-mail addresses.


Data controller:


The Data Controller is Seb Brennan, and you can contact him at You also have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner if you feel that your data is being mis-handled.


Our full Privacy Notice can be found here.

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